Surgical treatment of melanoma

Surgical removal is the main way to treat melanoma. The best results can be achieved when melanoma is removed at an early stage before having time to disperse.
The doctor using a scalpel or other forms of energy (diathermy, RF) removes the entire lesion ensuring healthy borders of the surrounding skin.
The incision is closed, and the specimen is sent to the pathologist for further examination.
As the disease progresses cancer cells spread to nearby lymph nodes.
These lymph nodes should be removed to prevent in order to prevent the spreading of melanoma cells to other parts of the body.
Chemotherapy, radiation therapy and immunotherapy (drugs that stimulate the immune system) are used in advanced cancers. These treatments can slow the progression of the disease, but advanced melanomas are difficult to treat and cure.
In summary, recognition of melanoma at an early stage and timely resection with or without lymph node dissection are very important factors in its treatment.

The Melanoma Alphabet (ABCDE)

The first five letters of the alphabet are a guide to the early warning signs of melanoma:

A expresses asymmetry
B expresses the borders
C expresses the color
D expresses the diameter
E expresses evolution or change