Interview of Dr. Chrysocheris, on the show SIMERA with Dimitris Oikonomou and Maria Anastasopoulou on SKAI.

Colon cancer

Interview of Dr. Chrysocheris on all developments in hernia surgery.

The Role of Robotic Surgery

Interview of Dr. Chrysocheris on the importance of colon cancer prevention with early colonoscopy.

Dr. Chrysocheris also talks about modern treatment methods focusing on appropriate oncological treatment and the role of minimally invasive – robotic surgery in colon and rectal surgery.

Interview of Dr. Chrysocheris on developments in hernia surgery

Interview of Dr. Chrysocheris, about all the developments in the surgical treatment of hernia and about the possibilities offered by the use of Robotic Surgery to the repair of large-complex abdominal hernias with minimally invasive methods and with the least possible morbidity.

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