Cost of Surgery

The cost of each surgery is related to its severity.

In particular, the cost of a surgery is calculated based on:

  • the type of operation
  • hospitalization duration
  • use of special materials (e.g., laparoscopic, or robotic tools, hernia mesh, etc.)
  • costs of each clinic
  • he patient’s insurance coverage (Public Fund EOPYY, OGA, Private insurance)

The cost of a surgery includes the costs of the clinic and the fees of the surgeon, associates, and anesthesiologist.

When there is public insurance coverage (EOPYY, etc.):

EOPYY participates in the process of the patient’s hospitalization with the use of special hospitalization packages, minimizing the cost of surgery and hospitalization:

  1. a) in the event that the patient only has a public fund
  2. b) in the event that there is private insurance but there is a certain percentage of participation by the patient.

Cooperation with private insurance companies

The cost of the intervention is covered by private insurance, depending on the terms of the insurance policy.

The clinics where the doctor operates have a contract with all private insurance companies, as a result of which the cost of the operation is covered immediately without financial burden for the patient.

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